Last updated 20050611

Sophie st's patch for p3scan

P3scan from Jack S. Lai is a full-transparent proxy-server for POP3-Clients. It is really useful to protect your network against virus that can come in because your users check external mailboxes not protected against virus.

You can filter all your incoming smtp traffic in a mailhub with an antivirus system (i.e. qmail-scanner-st), but you also need to protect your network against your users that can get in virus from external POP-servers where they have accounts. And still remains the virus they can get from the web (webmails, javascripts-traps...), but I did not find a free and good http-proxy antivirus yet...

This patch adds a Sophie routine for P3scan.


Download it ( p3scan-2.1-sophie.patch) or:


tar xzf p3scan-2.1.tar.gz -C /var/tmp
cp p3scan-2.1-sophie.patch /var/tmp/

cd /var/tmp

patch -p0 < p3scan-2.1-sophie.patch

You will get this output:

patching file p3scan-2.1/Makefile
patching file p3scan-2.1/README
patching file p3scan-2.1/p3scan.conf
patching file p3scan-2.1/scanner.h
patching file p3scan-2.1/scanner_sophie.c


I usually use RedHat based systems and there are two small issues regarding the installation of P3scan, nothing that you can't solve with a good symbolic link.

The pcre.h header it is not where the P3scan Makefile expects find it, and ginstall is not usually installed, so, just do these symbolic links and everything will be OK.

ln -s /usr/include/pcre/pcre.h /usr/include/pcre.h

ln -s /usr/bin/install /usr/bin/ginstall

This patch for p3scan come with NO WARRANTY, you can redistribute and modify it freely, just add a link to this site.

Salvatore Toribio