Settings per domain

This feature allows selecting which scanners (and in what order) they are to be run for a domain or even for a user.
And also to set the sa_settings per user and/or domain.
Combined with Spamassassin sql settings allows you to do complete per user and/or domain customization.

This is a useful feature in a commercial environment, where the user must pay to have his messages scanned for virus and/or spam. If you are using this feature in a commercial environment or if you just find this software useful, you could consider donating me some money (something between 10 and 100 US $) to my PayPal account using the button at the bottom of this page... (of course, this patch will always be free software). I will be very happy with that and I will send you a email when ever a new version is released.
This feature doesn't slows down qmail-scanner.

When qmail-scanner is being installed the @scanner_array (the array that contains the scanners that will be run) is left empty, and there are two new arrays:

@scanners_installed is the array with all installed scanners in the computer, if you disable $settings_pd then qmail-scanner will fall to this array. Don't modify it unless you really know what you do.

@scanners_default if $settings_pd is enabled qmail-scanner will use this array for the users/domains that don't have a custom scanner_array set in the $settings_per_domain.txt file.
After the installation, you can edit and set it to none to skip all the scanners, even perlscan, or to whatever you want and is present in @scanners_installed.
If you want to skip the scanners only for a particular user/domain set his scanners list to none in the $settings_per_domain.txt file.

In the same way sa_quarantine is left empty and the site-wide value is stored in a new variable sa_quarantine_site. This is done for the following sa_settings:



The user/domain configurations are stored in the file settings_per_domain.txt, the syntax of this file is:,scanner2,scanner3'sa_subject'sa_quarantine'sa_delta'sa_delete'sa_reject'sa_forward'sa_fwd_verbose'sa_hdr_report'smaildir,scanner2'sa_subject'sa_quarantine''sa_delete'sa_reject

Notice that the scanners are separated by a comma and the other settings by a single quote.

Lines starting with a '#' or 'space' will be ignored. For the users you have to write the full mail address.

It is possible to write 'sophie' or 'sophie_scanner', 'clamdscan' or 'clamdscan_scanner'...

You can write 'ps' or 'perlscanner' instead of 'perlscan_scanner' and 'sa' instead of 'spamassassin'. But you must *not* write in this file fast_spamassassin or verbose_spamassassin, that is set in the variable sa_fast (or sa_alt) in the file

You can omit the options that you want qmail-scanner gets from the sa_settings_site, but you always have to specify the scanners for the user/domain. If spamassassin it is not present in the user/domain settings, the sa_settings are ignored.

Run '/var/qmail/bin/ -p' to generate the db after this file is modified.

Run '/var/qmail/bin/ -h' to see all the flags.

   # /var/qmail/bin/ -h  2.00st-20060416

    -h - This help
    -v - show details about this install.
         Please include in any bug reports.
    -V - show details about this install
         and some configuration information.
    -z - gather virus scanner/DAT versions
         and cleanup old temp files
    -g - generate perlscanner database
    -r - read from perlscanner database

    -p - generate settings per domain database
    -d - display settings per domain database
    -s - sort the text file /var/spool/qscan/settings_per_domain.txt


How it works

The first thing you must understand is that when there are multiple recipients qmail-scanner will check the message for each recipient (but each scanner runs only once except spamassassin with sql settings). The match is done is this order:

1) If the variable RELAYCLIENT is set, qmail-scanner tries to match the return-path first and then the domain-return-path against the database. If there is a match the @scanner_array and sa_settings are set for this message.

2) If there is not a match or if the RELAYCLIENT is not set, starts the match for each recipient, first the rcpt-to and then the rcpt-to-domain.

3) If there is *not* a match (for the actual recipient) qmail-scanner sets for this recipient the @scanner_array to the @scanners_default array (that could be set to none or not) and the sa_settings_site, and then runs the scanners.

4) If there is a match the @scanner_array and sa_settings are set to the read values from the settings_per_domain.txt and then the scanners are run.

5) If there are more recipients return to the third step.

When the @scanner_array is set to none only a recieved header will be added to the message. But if you have a messages with multiple recipients the tag_score will be added to each recipent that has at least one scanner in his @scanner_array, so you will find the spamassassin score in the headers even when the user doesn't have spamassassin in his own array, but the X-Spam-Status is only added for the users that really has spamassassin in their own array.

The scanners are run only once for a message except spamassassin with sql settings), if there are multiple recipient (a lot of) qmail-scanner won't slow down running the antivirus many times. The results of the scanners are stored in a hash from where be readed for the following recipients of the message.


    From -> /var/qmail/bin/

    my @scanners_installed=("clamdscan_scanner","sophie_scanner","spamassassin","perlscan_scanner");
    my @scanners_default=("perlscan_scanner");

    my $sa_subject_site='';
    my $sa_quarantine_site='2.1';
    my $sa_delta_site='0';
    my $sa_delete_site='3.6';
    my $sa_reject_site='1';
    my $sa_forward_site='';
    my $sa_fwd_verbose_site='0';
    my $sa_hdr_report_site='0';
    my $smaildir_site="$vmaildir";

    From -> /var/spool/qmailscan/settings_per_domain.txt,clamdscan,sa,ps'[SPAM]'1.9'0.4'3'0''1'1'spamdir_domain,ps'** SPAM **'2.5''3.9'0,sa,ps''''''''1'spamdir_caio


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