Last updated 20120911

qmail and ucspi st's patches

These are patches that I use in my servers and are working quite well, I have collected the patches over the web, they don't really fix anything in qmail or ucspi, they add some features that have helped me to track some issues with qmail-scanner-st. I have added some logs and forced the drop of the connections in some points of the code, in order to free my servers from spammers and smtp virus engines quickly.

Actually this patches are online in servers that I admin directly and in some others servers administer by some good friends here in Rome, 16 servers, some of them really with a heavy load. There are some people that have downloaded the patches but I don't know if they are using them in their servers.
Applies a collection of 13 patches, see the README for details
This is a mini patch, only adds the reject code for qmail-scanner-st rejected spam-mails and drop the connection immediately. It also logs mails rejected by qmail due to BLFs (Bare Line Feeds) that are logged by qmail-scanner-st as 'no sender and no recipient'.
You can apply it to the original source of qmail (you will need to apply Bruce Gunter patch afterwards in order to use qmail-scanner), to qmail already patched with qmailqueue-patch from Bruce Guenter or to netqmail.
Applies a collection of 5 patches to ucspi-tcp and change the log format to be coherent with, see the README for details.

These patches for qmail and ucspi come with NO WARRANTY, you can redistribute and modify them freely, just add a link to this site.

Salvatore Toribio